Food in Film: The 5 Greatest Pie Scenes for Thanksgiving

Last year for Thanksgiving, we treated you to the top 5 overeating scenes from the movies (in honor of all the face-stuffing so many of us are doing today). This Thanksgiving, we're celebrating another indulgence: pie.

Bonus: No footage of Mr. Creosote to ruin your appetite. You're welcome!

5. "The Worst Pies in London" from Sweeney Todd

Technically, this is the English version of a pie. That is to say, it's filled with meat. (Human meat?) But we're equal opportunity pie-lovers around here.

4. Jim makes love to a warm apple pie, from American Pie

The fact that this clip is in dubbed German takes it from amusing to vaguely creepy.

3. Every pie in Waitress

The pie-centric version of Like Water For Chocolate.

2. Cherry pie, from Twin Peaks

Is it the coffee that makes everyone crazy in Twin Peaks or is it...the cherry pie?

1. The pie-eating contest, from Stand By Me

The classic campfire story of Davey "Lardass" Hogan and the Great Tricounty Bake Off and Pie Eat will forever top our list.

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