Food in Film: Top 5 Food Moments in Christmas Movies

Christmas movies aren't all about plaintive children and heartfelt homecomings. Some of the best culinary scenes in cinema occur in seasonal flicks. Here are five to feast your eyes on:

5. Macaulay Culkin's monstrous ice cream sundae in Home Alone. Abandoned for the holidays by his distracted family, Kevin fulfills every child's dream by gorging on a massive bowl of ice cream while watching violent movies.

We could only find the above slightly altered video of this, but it is an awesome slightly altered video.

4. Will Ferrell's pasta concoction in Elf. Ardently sticking to the four elf food groups (syrup, candy, candy canes and candy corn), Ferrell mixes his spaghetti with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, licorice, pop tarts and M&Ms. Hey, it's all carbohydrates anyway. See the video here.

3. Hot chocolate delivery in The Polar Express. The song and dance routine is appropriately cheesy for a children's movie, but the steaming cups of cocoa still look delicious. See the video here.

2. Duck decapitation in A Christmas Story. After the Bumpuses' bloodhounds make off with the Christmas turkey, the Parkers opt for Chinese food and are further traumatized by their grinning Peking duck. See the video here.

1. The Cratchits' Christmas dinner in A Christmas Carol. A recently reformed Scrooge surprises the family with a prize turkey that's "twice the size of Tiny Tim." This comparison becomes slightly confusing in the Muppet version, as Tim is played by a small frog.

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