Food Meme of the Week: Women Being Suggestive with Burgers

By now, you may have seen the original Women Laughing Alone with Salads meme. Or perhaps its spinoff meme: Men Laughing Alone with Salads. No? Then please take a moment to acquaint yourself with these, my most favorite food-related memes in a while.

Ads are absurd enough as it is. When the stock photo used for the ad is removed from within the framework of the ad itself and is forced to stand alone, it becomes even more sublimely bizarre. Who are these mad women holding salads aloft and contorting their faces in forced glee? THEY ARE US.

At least, the us that we want to be after being surrounded with ads all day long. The us that we're told to be, eating these salads alone with ecstasy that borders on mania. Happy consumers! Happy, slim consumers!

This kind of existential little project -- removing the context surrounding an ad and thereby stripping the ad of its power, admitting that it's a subtle form of mind control -- may not have been what Hairpin intended when it put the initial series together. They may have just found these women amusing.

And they are. So in that same vein, we present our own take on the meme (one that's far more fitting for Eating Our Words): Women Being Suggestive with Burgers.

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Katharine Shilcutt