Food Overdose Items

In a crowd of adults at a dinner party this weekend, conversation turned to matters of taste, specifically to items each of us couldn't stand. These weren't just your garden-variety dislikes, however, these were food overdoses -- dishes or ingredients we once loved, or rather over-loved. We ate these things too much, too often, too young, or under negative circumstances, rendering them now offensive to our palates.

One woman insisted she couldn't even look at oatmeal anymore, so often had it been served to her as a child when sick. Her husband carried small boxes of Sun Maid raisins around in his front shirt pocket when he was a kid, pounding them back with fury; now he double-checks at restaurants and bakeries to ensure his cookies and cakes contain none.

For me, the sight of a can of cheap black olives is nausea-inducing, since I used to steal them from my mom's pantry, pop open the lid, and impale them on my fingers before happily downing them.

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Somewhat like an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, food overdose items make us look back and wonder, "What on earth was I thinking?" So what are yours? What did you once adore that you now find repulsive?

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