Football Season Is Here: Game Day Food

I'm not going to lie ... one of my favorite parts about football season is getting to cook and bake different foods to help my family and friends cheer on our team. Whether it is the Super Bowl or just a regular season game, there's always something you can whip together for everyone to munch on throughout the game.

The key to at-home game day food is to make it easy, yet delicious. You don't want to be cooking all day long in order to prepare for the game and you most certainly don't want to be cooking during the game. Keep it simple.

Here are a few of my favorite game day foods you can enjoy while you watch your favorite NFL or college team ... sic em Bears!

Sandwich Trays

My mom always makes the best food trays for the family to watch football games. The best part is that they are easy to put together and you can personalize your own sandwich. On a large serving tray place your favorite slices of meat, cheese, spreads and vegetables with crispy slices of bread from a baguette. We always use baked ham, havarti and fontina cheese, banana pepper rings and jalapeno jelly. Assemble them open face so the bread doesn't overpower the sandwich.


If you love the tailgating aspect of football games, instead of grilling burgers and hot dogs, try fajitas. Once again, let everyone have control over what they put on their plate. You can easily heat tortillas, make two different types of meat (beef and chicken), a medley of vegetables (bell peppers, onions and squash), a few sauces (chipotle, tequila-lime or chimichurri) and side dishes (beans and rice). Make the meat and vegetables ahead of time and reheat just before game time, then make the sauces and side dishes before you're ready to serve.


Going along with the Tex-Mex theme, for a much easier dish that can serve as a snack for those Sunday afternoon games, build an ultimate nachos platter. Pile the tortilla chips high with refried beans, melted shredded cheese, fajita beef or chicken, slices of jalapeno peppers, diced tomatoes, and a dollop of guacamole and sour cream. You can't go wrong with a little Tex-Mex.

Football Desserts

Having something sweet to eat while you watch your favorite team play is simply amazing. So, take the ordinary circle shaped cookie and turn it into a football. Simply roll the cookie dough into a single layer and cut footballs out of the dough with a knife before baking them. Decorate with icing to resemble the laces of the football.

If you'd rather have cupcakes or brownies, decorate them with icing like footballs or use frosting and sprinkles with your team's colors. The more decorated, the more fun everyone will have and the more enjoyable your desserts will be.

Readers, what are your favorite things to eat on game day?

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