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For One Day Only, Enjoy Gilmore Girls Coffee at Cafes Across Houston [UPDATED]

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This Wednesday, Houston will transform into a tiny Connecticut town – or at least parts of Houston will, as three cafes across the city will be converted into pop-up versions of the TV show Gilmore Girls' most famous restaurant: Luke's Cafe.

To promote Netflix's upcoming four-episode revival of the series, which premieres November 25, the three cafes – The Honeymoon Cafe & Bar in downtown Houston, Bosta Kitchen in the Museum District and The Nook Cafe, near the University of Houston – will undergo a one-day transformation into the Stars Hollow staple, where the titular Gilmore girls Lorelai and Rory spent so many mornings (and afternoons, and nights).

The cafes will also serve 250 cups of free coffee to customers starting at 7 a.m., though the pop-up will last till noon. Customers will also receive some special branded products from the show, though Honeymoon owner Charlotte Loreman wasn't at liberty to tell us what the materials were.

“We've also gone outside of what they provided and got some other fun things just for ourselves,” Loreman said, adding that many cafe staffers were big fans of the show. Not only will the cafe play a special Gilmore Girls playlist as well as serve snacks and cocktails inspired by the show, but staff members will also dress up as characters from the show.

“I think that I am going to wear Lorelai's outfit from Rory's first day at Chilton,” Loreman said, though she doesn't yet have the cowboy boots. (For daughter Rory's first day at her new expensive school, a missed alarm clock led Lorelai to don cut-offs, a pink tie-dye shirt and cowboy boots – an outfit more likely to be spotted here in Texas than in Connecticut.)

However, the Honeymoon isn't the only cafe that's going to have staffers in costume. “We're going to wear aprons, hats and, of course, flannel shirts,” said Manuel Martinez, assistant general manager of The Nook.

Why is the pop-up event on Wednesday? The day marks the 16th anniversary of the series, which promotional materials for the event have dubbed a "Gilmoreversary." Sixteen was a big age in the show, which ran from 2000 to 2007, as it's how old Lorelai was when she gave birth to Rory.

Cafes across the United States and Canada will serve as Luke's Diner pop-ups tomorrow. Can't make it to one of the Houston locations? Check out this list to see if there's another location nearby.

And even if you happen to miss the free coffee, we advise you to still buy a cup, in honor of the most important lesson that Gilmore Girls ever taught us: When in doubt, get caffeinated.

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