Frank's Chicken-Fried Chop House

While researching this week's Café review of Frank's Chop House, I expected to eat a lot of chops. What I didn't expect was one of the best chicken-fried steaks in recent memory. Did this one taste so good just because I haven't eaten a decent CFS in a while? Or is this really one of the best chicken-fried steaks in town?

Try one with the gravy on the side so you get the full effect. I like the undulating surface of the steak and the golden color. There are also lots of cornflake-like chunks of batter that shatter as you cut it. I dunked each slice in cream gravy and poured a little more on the garlic mashed potatoes. Eventually, I had to send the waiter back to the kitchen for a second bowl of gravy.

Be forewarned -- Frank's only serves the CFS at lunch and as a Wednesday dinner special.

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