A plan for beer nirvana on Lyons Street.
A plan for beer nirvana on Lyons Street.
Rendering courtesy of Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Saint Arnold is Offering Free Beer For Life

Labeling it "The perfect gift for the beer lover in your life," Saint Arnold Brewing Company has announced it is offering limited memberships in its Saint Arnold Society with the chief perk being free beer for life.

Of course to access that membership and open tap, someone has to either buy the one-time $1,000 membership himself or have it gifted to him.

So much like renters deciding when it would make financial sense to buy a house, we decided to parse out how much beer you'd have to drink at regular prices to make up for the $1,000 downpayment.

A six-pack of Saint Arnold's is $6.99. Divide that by 6 and each one costs $1.17. Divide that into $1,000 and it would take about 855 visits to recoup your payment. And did we mention it's one beer per visit?

So in terms of years it would take the most devoted of patrons about 2 years and four months to clear the initial investment. Still, after that, it's clear sailing.

This is all timed to match the 2018 opening of the Saint Arnold Beer Garden, a dream of Brock Wagner, the Saint Arnold founder and brewer.

There are other benefits as well including "a handmade engraved pewter mug stored at the Beer Garden" and "hard hat access to the site during construction."

The Beer Garden is being built next to the existing brewery on Lyons. And it will be open seven days a week.

Perfect for all those lifetime memberships.

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