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Free Roast Beef Sandwich from Arby's

As a kid, summertime was synonymous with Arby's. For each book I read that was more than 100 pages, my parents would reward me with trips to the neon cowboy hat. So I would go to the library to find 100-pagers with the largest print possible, blaze through them, and then load up on roast beef, curly fries and cherry turnovers. Since I was raised on bean sprouts and tofu, Arby's was like crack cocaine: After my first hit, I spent all my summers chasing that first high.

I still remember that day. It was a Tuesday, partly cloudy, high of 92. Facing the sandwich the size of my head, I wondered where the bean sprouts were. The Arby's sauce that soon drenched my lips was so good, I licked up as much as I could. As I ate my first curly fry with warm cheese sauce, I thought, "Why are these plastic cups of cheese so small?!" And after having the flaky cherry turnover, I didn't crave Mom's sweetened tofu dessert quite as much as I used to.

For those who have not experienced Arby's (and those who have), you can enjoy a free Arby's roast beef sandwich when you buy a small soda. To get the coupon text message, follow the directions below. Keep in mind that standard text messaging rates apply and you'll get monthly Arby's texts, which are easily halted by replying with "STOP."

1. Send "Roastbeef" to 27297 and you'll be asked for your zipcode. 2. Reply to the message with your zip code and get your coupon. Expires July 18.

You may not have the same mouth orgasm I did as a kid, but it will save you a few dollars.

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