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Free Spicy Chicken Biscuit from Chick-fil-A

At around 7:45 this morning, I strolled into an empty 290 Chick-fil-A with reservation paper in hand. I was there to take advantage of one of the free spicy chicken biscuits they are giving away all week long. While the drive-thru line was lengthy, it was smooth sailing up to the cash register inside.

As with the spicy chicken sandwich that was released over the summer, the chicken part of the chicken biscuit was flawless. It was crispy, juicy and of decent size, with the right amount of spice. I was a little concerned how I would feel about a spicy offering in the a.m., but my fears were vanquished after the first bite.

I added a squeeze from a honey packet that was available at the condiments table, and that made it even tastier. The biscuit was so buttery, it almost tasted like it was deep-fried. It kind of sat in my stomach like a rock a few hours later, but it sure was good. It's worth the trip whether it's free or you have to (gasp in horror) pay for it.

If I may, I'd like to go on two Chick-fil-A breakfast-related tangents for a moment. One, Chick-fil-A offers Florida's Natural Orange Juice that isn't from concentrate, and I love it. OJ from concentrate gives me heartburn. This is the only non-concentrate OJ offered at a fast food place that I know of. Do you folks know of another?

The second thought disturbs me for some reason actually. Chick-fil-A offers breakfast sandwiches with chicken and with egg on them, and that just seems wrong. Does anyone else have an issue with both of these being served at the same time?

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Lennie Ambrose