French Fry Heaven Opens in The Woodlands Mall: Not Your Average Fries

Anything in the food court at a mall is never the most delicious or sought after food. But French Fry Heaven in The Woodlands Mall is trying to bring something different to the usual pizza, cheeseburgers and cookies found at every other food court concession stand.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been going to The Woodlands Mall and have eaten at the same concession stands, so it's a nice change of pace to have a concession stand dedicated to nothing but fries. I decided to venture over to The Woodlands Mall this weekend to see what the hype was all about with French Fry Heaven. The concession stand does not surround the food court like all of the other restaurants; instead it is a walk-around concession stand in the middle of the food court.

French Fry Heaven may offer something we deem as unhealthy and forbidden food for dieters, but Houston's first French fry-only franchise is serving up gluten-free French fries that are basically trans-fat free. In fact, the fries are par-boiled, then refried in peanut oil. The entire menu is 95 percent vegetarian, MSG and GMO free. A large order of plain fries has less than 200 calories, which is quite a surprise when compared to other fries at fast food restaurants.

But, the most distinguishing feature of these French fries are the 50 plus toppings you can add - everything from black truffle salt and premium malt vinegar to garlic & Parmesan sauce, and the most popular, loaded baked potato topping, complete with sour cream, melted cheese, chives and bacon bits.

Each order of fries comes in a paper funnel cone, and if it is covered in your choice of toppings, it comes with a wood fork-stick to pick up the fries so your hands don't get covered in sauce or cheese.

I tried a variety of flavors - Baked Tater, Canadian, Thanksgiving (sweet potato fries) - as well as a plain order of French fries to see how well the fries were cooked. I enjoyed the Baked Tater fries, which did taste a lot like a loaded baked potato, however, the Canadian complete with brown gravy and melted mozzarella had a funky after-taste that I definitely won't try again. If you're going to get the sweet potato fries, I recommend not getting the Thanksgiving flavor, which is supposed to taste just like sweet potato pie. The sweet sauce on top was overly sweet and slightly bitter, making for a strange flavor combination.

If you're looking for something sweet, go with the Festival, which apparently tastes like a funnel cake, but according to the workers at French Fry Heaven, it is the most popular sweet potato fry flavor.

Are these the best fries on Earth? No, but they are some of the most consistent crispy fries I have had in a food court. Unfortunately some of the toppings are not so great. Stick with the fan favorite, Baked Tater, or just top the plain fries with salt. It's a nice treat while shopping at the mall. French Fry Heaven has potential, but they need to work out the kinks in some of the toppings.

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