Pot Luck

Fresh Fish Available Under the Bridge

Pier 8 Seafood (409 Todville Rd., Seabrook) under the famous Kemah bridge is hands-down our favorite place to get an affordable "you buy, we fry" seafood lunch. This Filipino family-owned business offers fresh, quality seafood at reasonable prices, preparing deep-fried fish the way it is done in the Philippines. That is, the whole damn fish goes in the fryer. It is delicious.

Pier 8 also offers a seasonal variety of Gulf Coast fish caught fast and fresh. There's a lunch special with oysters, fish filet and shrimp for $11.99, and we had to split the dish it was so big. If you don't feel like fried food, there's also an option to boil it in spices. We tried this on a recent visit (we make frequent stops here) and found it to be a great alternative to the fried option.

Crabs, clams, oysters and scallops are on offer when they're available, and they tend to sell out quickly. Shrimp, on the other hand, tend to be bountiful and labeled and priced according to size, type and whether they've been de-veined. The fish selection is limited, but we have seen tilapia, flounder, redfish, black drum, speckled trout and catfish. There's an upstairs wok-style buffet that we tend to stay away from, simply because we have fallen in love with the raw fish bar on the bottom floor. If you're craving seafood, it's worth the trip under the bridge.

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