Fresh Meat at Tokyo Steak & Sushi

The brand-new Tokyo Steak & Sushi restaurant in Katy (22762 Westheimer Parkway, 281-391 8833) is really two different restaurants in one. In the front, there's a sushi bar, a conventional bar with cocktails, wine, beer and sake, and regular tables. But toward the back, there's a much larger area where every table has a hibachi grill in the center, where a chef will cook your meal to order while entertaining you and your party. (If it sounds a lot like Benihana, it's supposed to).

Owner Karen Ghen tells the Press that she "wanted to bring something very special to Katy. I did everything myself - the design of the place, the menu, picking the chef and staff, everything." When asked if she has prior experience in the biz, she replies with a firm "no." But, she says, "I hired chefs with lots of experience".

In addition to an extensive menu with more than 60 different sushi and sashimi rolls, the chefs will prepare many off-the-menu rolls. "Just let the chefs make something for you," says Karen." A Party Box of 32 pieces of mixed rolls is more than enough for two people and an excellent representation of what the chefs can do. -- Paul Galvani

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