Fresh-N-Best Is the Best

Maybe it was because we were up at the crack of dawn that we made it to Fresh-N-Best donuts on Bellaire early enough to get the donuts while they were still fresh and warm. Usually when we get donuts it is like noon, and by then all the fatty little fried dough delights are old and cold. Not today.

These are the best donuts ever. The maple glazed donut must have just come out of the fryer 10 seconds before we got there. But the case was full of donuts that looked like every time you ordered one, it was replaced with a fresh one. We are in love with this place.

Now if Fresh-N-Best's neighbor, Bellaire Broiler Burger, would just get it together and make cheeseburgers out of these donuts, using two maple glazed as buns...

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Jason Kerr