Fuegovivo and Saga Food & Wine

Fuegovivo is the newest Brazilian churrascaria to open in Houston (11681 Westheimer). Owner Carlos Barros has three other locations in the Miami area. The Houston Fuegovivo should be offering some competition to Fogo de Chão and Nelore (Rodizio has closed its doors); General Manager and Executive Chef Karlo Solyom says Fuegovivo is the most authentic churrascaria in town. "I'm from southern Brazil," says Solyom. "The recipes we serve here are from my family's heritage. All the gauchos who serve the meat here are from Brazil. All the food is exactly like you would find back home." Thirty-year-old Solyom, an excellent host, is also a walking recipe encyclopedia who loves to talk food. "Brazil is a melting pot of foods," he says. "The food is very cosmopolitan and international and is influenced by many cultures from all of Europe and central Asia."


The history, ownership, current menu and future of Saga Food & Wine (3017 Milam, 713-523-1010) are a little confusing. Despite recently having its second "grand opening," owner Polo Becerra, also the proprietor of Post Oak Grill and Polo's Signature Restaurant, says it isn't new anymore. "Right now we're doing tapas, but soon we'll be doing food from the Post Oak Grill... Saga is going to be like the Post Oak Grill, only more casual, with smaller portions of the same high-quality food, with good wine prices and for a younger, hipper crowd."

Chef Adam Puskorius came to Saga via Polo's Signature Restaurant after previous stints at Mark's and at Asti in Austin. "What I've done is to create new-American cuisine with some French and Asian influences, like our nori rolls with Muscovy duck," he says. "Right now, Saga is a work in progress. We have lots of ideas floating around."

One thing's for sure — Saga has the prettiest patio in the city.

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Paul Galvani