Get wild, get loco, but please don't die, my precious.
Get wild, get loco, but please don't die, my precious.
Photo courtesy of Fur Loco

There's Now an Energy Drink for Cats and Dogs Named After a Lethal Party Brew

It was only a matter of time for a product like Fur Loco to land on the market. Not surprising, either, that this new mind-altering substance for cats and dogs comes from Apollo Peak, makers of an entire line of cat and dog wines, including the Pinot Meow and The CharDOGnay.

It's just that Fur Loco, a new "concentrated brew" for animal friends, sounds a lot like Four Loko, an alcoholic caffeinated beverage that debuted in 2005 with stimulants guarana and taurine included in the recipe, potentially causing blackouts, injury and potentially even death among party people throughout America's finest college campuses. Still, the party drink has achieved cult status among frat boys and in 2010 was relaunched sans uppers and just this year in shot form. So yeah, if you want to skip the Red Bull vodka for your pet and go straight for what they apparently call "lose virginity liquor" in China, then Fur Loco is your jam, dude.

Here are the details via a press release:

Introduced in four variations, the beverage is a mix of highly concentrated herbal remedies that have effects ranging from extreme playfulness in cats to a highly preferred relaxed state for dogs.

Sounds like one cat's upper is another dog's downer, folks, but don't let that scare you. Fur Loco's creator, Brandon Zavala, describes his product as "a blend of natural ingredients poured into a super fun and unique package for those of us who truly appreciate crazy new products for our pets to enjoy.”

Crazy indeed. The Fur Loco line is the first introduction from Apollo Peak since those pet wines hit the market in 2015.

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