Futbol Frenzy at Fajita Flats

We got caught up in the World Cup frenzy at Fajita Flats (2929 Fondren, 713-789-3338), drinking margaritas and Coronas, and eating fajitas. Every time a team scored a goal or came close to scoring, the entire restaurant erupted -- entire tables of people jumping up and down, yelling and swinging their hands in the air. It was exciting, as were the quail-and-bacon-wrapped shrimp fajitas.

We ordered the ton-of-food "parilla especial" (guacamole, quesadillas, queso and nachos, plus a sizzling platter of quail and bacon wrapped shrimp). The quail were sweetly marinated, and the grill added a great charred flavor. The bacon-wrapped shrimp were smoky and meaty. Huge shrimp wrapped with bacon: What's not to like?

The fajita plate plus the cool, party atmosphere of Fajita Flats scored big with us. With a three-to-one ratio of people to flat screens, you won't miss a corner kick unless you're flagging down your server for another margarita!

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