Get Your Frappes at Bite Macarons This Summer

You could get your Frappuccino fix at Starbucks this summer, but you can also satisfy that sweet tooth while cooling off with the frappes at Bite Macarons, and they are much better.

For the rest of the summer, the French patisserie is offering summer drink specials, such as New Orleans iced coffee, fruit iced teas, yogu (drinkable Japanese yogurt) and the four frappes: caramel, mocha, espresso and green tea.

You might have to sit and wait a few minutes longer for your drink than you would at Starbucks, but the opportunity to gaze at each beautiful, colorful macaron or one of the exquisite dome cakes makes it worthwhile. It's perfectly acceptable to pair your frappe with one of these treats -- no judging here.

Each frappe includes espresso, adding a strong touch of bitterness that accompanies the rest of the sweet ingredients. The mocha frappe leans more toward the coffee flavor than chocolate, but that doesn't mean the chocolate takes a back seat; in fact, when you compare this treat to the one offered at Starbucks, you can tell that Bite Macarons uses a much higher quality chocolate -- possibly Valrhona? It's an excellent balance of cocoa to espresso, and when the topping begins to melt, you get chocolate whipped cream -- an extra bonus.

But, take our advice and scoop up all the whipped cream and sauce drizzle first; it's a delightful component you need to gobble up before it all melts into the drink.

Craving something uberly sweet? The caramel frappe is the one for you. This flavor features a rich blend of milk, caramel sauce, espresso and ice, creating a creamy drink as smooth as a milkshake. It's reminiscent of a piece of Werther's caramel candy, except your taste buds are left with a slight coffee aftertaste. If you're looking for a filling and drinkable dessert, then opt for this one.

Sometimes Starbucks doesn't blend its ingredients enough, creating an icy and crunchy Frappuccino, but the extra time it takes to create each frappe at Bite Macarons results in a silky, harmonious drink.

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Molly Dunn
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