Get Your Geek On

Remember how we told you about geeks and drinking and trivia and all that good stuff last week? Well, to refresh your meatball-addled memory, here's a reminder: Geeks Who Drink pub trivia is tomorrow night (January 14) at Maple Leaf Pub starting at 8 p.m., with a special Eating Our Words guest trivia master: Me.

We'll have some delicious prizes for the winner tomorrow night, including but not limited to some awesome schwag. Plus, there's the satisfaction of a job well done (which my father always told me was worth more than material goods; clearly, he'd never won a major award).

For a taste of what we'll be serving up tomorrow, enjoy the trivia questions below.

  1. Before Sir Thomas Lipton patented the paper tea bag in 1903, tea bags were reusable. What material were they made of?
  2. What snack enjoyed by children worldwide is made from the root of a plant that's not only bitter but also poisonous, containing concentrated cyanide?
  3. Which of the following beverages was not available to American pioneers during the 19th century? Carbonated water, iced tea, vodka, or beer?
  4. Most species of domesticated livestock have been milked -- with the milk enjoyed by humans -- at some point or another in history. But which of these animals has not been used as a source of milk? Yaks, donkeys, horses or pigs?
  5. How many ounces of water must the body use to process and metabolize one ounce of alcohol?

Good luck, and we hope to see you at the Maple Leaf Pub tomorrow night at 8 sharp.

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Katharine Shilcutt