Get Your Sriracha Potato Chips: New Lay's Flavors Hitting Stores This Week

Lay's potato chips announced a contest this past summer in which it asked for fans to submit their ideas for new potato chip flavors. The three best flavors would be created by the Lay's folks and pushed to stores, while the winning flavor -- and the person behind the idea -- would receive $1 million. (Not to be shortchanged, the two other winning recipes will net their inventors $50,000 each.)

Those three flavors -- out of a staggering 3.8 million entries -- have been announced and are hitting stores this week. Get ready to fall in love with/be completely grossed out by: Chicken & Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha.

Yes -- rooster sauce potato chips.

"Sriracha? asked a befuddled friend. "I get that it's popular, but why not ketchup? Ketchup has got to be the number one condiment in America."

I stand in solidarity with my buddy; I've craved ketchup "crisps" since first trying them in England several years ago, although I'll admit that Worster sauce crisps and haggis-and-black-pepper crisps are still my favorite of the British potato chip genre. I really like Sriracha sauce, but not enough to want it on a chip.

None of the flavors, in fact, intrigue me that much. Sriracha and Chicken & Waffles in particular strike me as painfully trendy, while Cheesy Garlic Bread doesn't seem as though it will translate well into chip form. (Dried, dehydrated, over-processed garlic is one of my least favorite things on the planet, next to Jaegermeister and Creamsicles.)

Which new flavors of Lay's potato chips would you rather have seen? Or do the three new flavors appeal to you? Most important, which of the three do you think will win the $1 million prize? That's for you to decide: Lay's is asking fans to vote on their favorite flavor via Twitter, text message or its Facebook page.

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