Getting It Right at Guru Burgers & Crepes

Perhaps my favorite thing about Guru Burgers & Crepes -- the subject of this week's cafe review -- is that the tiny restaurant in Sugar Land's Town Square has zero obligation to be good. Sugar Land is the land of chain restaurants grouped around fake bodies of water and oddly-named global buffets. It's not generally where destination restaurants set up shop.

But with Guru Burgers -- and soon, most likely, with the new location of Aura in Town Square as well -- Sugar Land has a destination restaurant indeed. Even if it seems like just another burger joint at first glance.

Instead, Guru Burgers specializes in three items that are almost painfully trendy at the moment: gourmet burgers, craft beer and crepes. And any of these three could quickly go off the rails, but Guru Burgers' commitment to coming up with clever burger combinations and tracking down interesting craft beers from across the country is what makes that nearly 30 minute drive to Sugar Land entirely worth it for me. I know that I'll always have an excellent burger, an excellent beer and excellent service. (Even if I can take or leave the actual crepes themselves.)

And if I don't hang around Guru Burgers' cozy, subway-tiled bar to grab a growler of beer to go, I'll walk across the street to the Sugar Land location of Flying Saucer. Nowhere in the entire city has two such terrific beer bars in such close proximity to one another than here in Sugar Land Town Square. Consider that before dismissing the area off-hand -- especially those beer nerds among you.

But while food nerds like myself may be eager to make the drive for peanut-butter-and-plaintain-topped burgers like The King, Guru Burgers likely wouldn't survive in its suburban location if it didn't offer something for everyone.

That's why Guru Burgers allows you to pick from a selection of other burgers made with proteins that range from turkey and chicken to lamb and salmon. (The same wide selection is available on the crepes side of its menu, too.) Gluten-free? Guru Burger offers both gluten-free hamburger buns and crepe batter. Don't want a whole burger? Anything can be made into a slider. Want a side of fries? Choose the type of vegetable - potato, sweet potato, yucca or beet - and then choose from four different toppings.

The possibilities for customizing your meal here are endless, and none of them are half-assed, which gives Guru Burger another niche into which it can tuck itself nicely: a place where foodies and picky eaters can co-exist in glorious harmony.

Read more about Guru Burgers & Crepes in this week's cafe review and see more photos from its chic, cozy interior in our slideshow.

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