Getting Stuffed at the Red Lion

I stopped into the Red Lion (2316 S. Shepherd) the other day to meet up with my ex-best friend. I don't hang out at the Red Lion too much because it is expensive, but it so worth it. The food and the drinks rock. I love the mix of Indian food and pub grub here.

I ordered a $7 Belhaven Ale and browsed the menu, noticing a few new items -- the $12 roasted jalapeño-artichoke spinach dip sounded tasty, so I ordered it. It was so rich, filled with mild roasted peppers and lots of gooey cheese. The artichoke and spinach were all mixed into the dip nicely. It came with toasted cheese bread.

I started shoveling this stuff into my mouth and drinking the milky Belhaven so fast that before I knew it I was full, uncomfortably full. I ordered the new $12 caprese salad with black truffles just to have something fresh and not cooked in my belly. The salad was huge, with lots of mozzarella and sliced canned truffles. It was awesome. By my third Belhaven, I'd spent $45 and was ready to purge.

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Jason Kerr