Getting the Munchies: The 10 Tastiest-Sounding Weed Strains
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Getting the Munchies: The 10 Tastiest-Sounding Weed Strains

Though the New York Times story on "haute stoner cuisine" from 2010 has been mostly debunked by now, the general knowledge that marijuana has long been a part of the professional kitchen's culture remains intact.

To wit, culinary terms have crept into the language of growers, stoners and pot dealers across the nation, as new strains are constantly introduced with names like "Blue Cheese" and "Northern Berry" and growers across the world become ever more professional in the cross-breeding, tracing and cataloging of their crops. Some of these strains, like the ever-popular Blueberry, have been around since the 1970s. But contrary to popular belief, these strains don't always take on their names because of the way they taste (although there is supposed to be a Roquefort-esque hint to that Blue Cheese).

Just as many strains take their name from the look of the plant or the crystalline structure which holds that sticky THC, the compound which is responsible for producing marijuana's high. Of course, there are always exceptions to this, starting with Number 10 on our list.

10. Bubbilicious

So named for its sticky texture and sweet flavor, like a stick of bubble gum, this strain is named for both the look and taste of the marijuana.

Blue Cheese, which tastes almost true to its name.
Blue Cheese, which tastes almost true to its name.

9. Green Goddess

No, this strain is not named after the delicious salad dressing. Instead, it was named after the "epic ganja film" Green Goddess, for which the strain was created. The trippy trailer is worth a watch, if only because of the filmmakers' eager exhortation that "all the weed in this film is real."

8. Fruity Juice

This cross between two popular strains resulted in a blend that is said to have an exceptionally sweet aroma, as opposed to a more typical resin or pine scent that can have skunky notes like a hoppy beer.

7. Pineapple Punch

This strain retains its traditional skunky aroma, but is also distinctly tropical in its taste and scent: Pineapple is the overwhelming note here, as the name would imply.

6. Blue Cheese

Yes, it apparently tastes like cheese. More interestingly, this "cheese" flavor is a phenotype that's been deliberately bred across certain strains in an effort to obtain a creamy, soft taste, starting with the granddaddy of the cheesy cross-breeding: Cheddarwurst.

Note the very soft blue colors in Blueberry.
Note the very soft blue colors in Blueberry.

5. Blueberry

One of the oldest strains, Blueberry is so named for its purplish-blue color and a flavor that some say tastes like blueberries. That could be one reason for its enduring popularity, but I'm willing to bet that its exceptionally long shelf life is another selling point.

4. Mango

As you might guess, this strain has a taste that's similar to mango. Of course, as seen with the Pineapple Punch, tropical fruits aren't an uncommon theme in breeding. There are also strains such as Papaya and Kiwiskunk.

3. White Russian

A White Russian does not taste like a White Russian. Instead, it's named for the cross-bred strains which contributed to its creation: White Widow and AK-47. Like its mother, White Widow, this strain became instantly popular upon its creation and went on to win the Cannabis Cup the year after White Widow won.

2. Chocolate Chunk

Another strain that takes its name from something other than the taste: Chocolate Chunk is so called for its chunky leaves and buds that "make every trip to the grow room feel like you are a kid in a candy store." I did not make that quote up.

1. Ice Cream

Smooth, creamy taste? A hint of vanilla in the smoke? Buds that are white and frosted? There's a reason the aptly-named Ice Cream is at the top of the list. It makes one wonder if this particular strain is used in the new marijuana-infused ice creams that are being sold in California. If not, they should look into it.

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