Pot Luck

Giant Watermelon Radishes

Here's a radish that you could snack on for a few days. It's called a watermelon radish. The first time I recall seeing one was at Soma, the upscale sushi restaurant on Washington. Here's what I said about it in the review:

"The salad came on a glass plate with one cobalt-blue edge. It was topped with a huge slice of what I am guessing to be a radish. The oversize vegetable slice was lime-green on the edge... The radish, or whatever it was, didn't taste like much of anything -- it was a flashy garnish, though." A commenter from California identified the "mystery radish" as a watermelon radish.

I assumed it was one of those designer veggies from the greenhouses in San Diego. But it turns out watermelon radishes grow great in Houston -- it's a favorite winter crop for the organic garden set. I never realized it, but lots of Houston's more advanced organic gardeners are growing exotica like watermelon radishes and heirloom lettuces, mustards and hard-to-find herbs and selling them to chefs at the city's top restaurants. It's not just good news for locavores -- the gardeners are getting top dollar for this stuff.

It's something to shoot for if you're a neophyte. I'll be happy if my new organic garden yields a couple of tomatoes this year.

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Robb Walsh
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