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Give Something Better Than a Fruitcake This Year

Etsy, the online marketplace where the artsy-crafty types among us can sell their handcrafted and homemade gifts to the world, is good for gifts other than just jewelry or throw pillows. Their "edible" section is stocked full of yummy goodies -- and now includes baked goods, too.

So don't fret if you don't have the time or talent to make something yourself for the holidays. Just let the Martha Stewart brigade at Etsy come up with clever gifts and stocking stuffers -- like our some of our favorites below -- while you look like a hero this Christmas.

We absolutely adore these delicate and delightful French macarons from Little Oven, a baker based in New York, which come in caramel, mint and dark chocolate. The gift wrapping is beautiful, as is the fact that Little Oven donates $1 of every purchase to charity.

For an elegant stocking stuffer, check out these salted caramel lollipops from ThisCharmingCandy. Made with grains of fleur de sel, these are sure to be an addictive treat. You can grab other fun flavors, too, such as vanilla-cardamom and tangerine-clove. These are far better to suck on than a dried-out candy cane.

As the seller -- spicekits -- puts it, "Always wanted to make that special Indian dish but didn't have the spices?" This perfectly put together Indian spice kit solves that dilemma, with just the right amounts of essential Indian spices like turmeric, coriander and garam masala. The seller also has other incredibly useful spice kits for sale such as Southeast Asian, Mexican, French and Italian.

Have a gardener among your gift recipients? Give the gift of tomatoes -- Creole tomatoes, to be exact. This heirloom variety was developed and adapted specifically for a hot and humid climate like our own and will keep on giving throughout the year. The seeds come straight from the seller's -- GabriellesGarden -- organic crop of Creole tomatoes.

If you know a java junkie, they'll probably be buzzed when you gift them this three-pack of Brainscan Coffee. Each pound of coffee is individually roasted to order from fair trade, organic coffee beans. You can even specify what kinds of coffee you want in your three-pack.

More excellent gift ideas are out there waiting (including this gorgeous tapestry clutch, which doesn't have anything to do with food, but which we desperately want) on Etsy, so get out there and support your favorite small business with your Christmas shopping this year!

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Katharine Shilcutt