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Glazed the Doughnut Cafe Opens in the Med Center: Hot Stuff 24-7

Get ready for Glazed -- a 24-hour doughnut shop that will present a more than welcome alternative in food and drink, located right in the heart of Houston's Medical Center.

Scheduled to hold its soft opening on Saturday, July 26, at 6 a.m., Glazed will stay open around the clock, right from the start, ready to host all comers: hospital personnel, passersby, and friends and relatives of patients, who all might be looking for a setting other than the hospital cafeteria.

Back in June, owner Edose Ohen told us how he wants Glazed to be a consumer-driven.

"We are in a very awkward space, but we created strategic seating so that people can actually feel comfortable to come in there, sit down, have a kolache, or if they need to study, we have high-speed Wi-Fi, it's free for our customers, of course, and restrooms and all that good stuff so you can create an environment that is conducive to actually sit down, relax and stay there for a while."

The only other 24-hour doughnut shop in Houston is the Shipley's at 12225 Westheimer, nearly 20 miles away from the Med Center.

Glazed features several seating areas in the front and back of the cafe for individuals to chat, work, study or just relax. The decor is modern with sleek black walls, an open kitchen, giant glass display case and doughnut-shaped light fixtures.The first thing you see when you open the front door is the expansive display case where three categories of doughnuts will be showcased: classic, specialty and gourmet. The classic doughnuts cost $0.99 each and will be distinguished by a black label corresponding to the menu board background; specialty doughnuts cost $1.49 each and are distinguished by a silver label; and gourmet doughnuts (which will be slightly larger than the other varieties) cost $1.99 and will be marked by a red label.

Ohen says Glazed will also serve doughnut "bites," which will be slightly larger than doughnut holes; the more the merrier.

Everything is made from scratch in the kitchen. In fact, you can watch the pastry chefs and staff create all of the doughnuts and other menu items through the glass window. Even all of the syrups for coffees are made in-house.

Classic doughnut options, of course, include the traditional glaze doughnut, which features a pillow-like hot, fried doughnut smothered in a thin, smooth vanilla-seasoned glaze. All of the doughnuts feature this delicate and fluffy base.

Glazed defines the specialty doughnuts as "an old favorite with a modern twist." Two featured specialty flavors include lemon poppyseed and orange spice -- and good luck guessing what the "spice" is, because Ohen won't tell you; it's a secret. The lemon poppyseed glaze is studded with (you guessed it) poppyseeds, and is bright and zippy from the tart lemon, but is balanced by the melted powdered sugar. The orange spice looks strikingly similar to the traditional glaze doughnut, but one bite and you know this isn't your typical fried pastry. The fresh orange shines while a savory spice lingers on your tongue, leaving you curious and determined to figure out what it is.

The gourmet doughnuts may be the most expensive options at Glazed, but Ohen assures they will be larger. Gourmet flavors include daring combinations, like the maple bacon with either chewy turkey bacon or crunchy pork bacon. Each is an excellent choice as the meat adds saltiness to the thick maple icing glaze; Ohen says his pastry chefs created the maple glaze as an icing rather than a thin spread found on other doughnuts.

Another aspect individuals spending much time in the Med Center will appreciate is the coffee and tea menu. With 12 different flavors of hot tea available and a variety of coffee drinks (cappuccinos, Americanos, lattes and mochas), folks can sip on caffeine into the wee hours of the night, or early in the morning, when most coffee shops are closed.

Glazed the Doughnut Cafe is located at 1333 Old Spanish Trail. The grand opening is slated for August 29.

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