Glory Foods Roasted Vegetable Seasoned Cooking Base

During holiday season, I make my own vegetable stock and freeze many quart-size bags to use later in the year. When what I've frozen runs out, I just hate to use those stinky little bullion cubes. They tend to do the trick in some instances, but they just lack the flavor of using homemade stock. But my new prized condiment (have I mentioned that I love condiments?) is the Glory Foods Roasted Vegetable Seasoned Cooking Base.

Unlike its dried counterpart, this stuff has the consistency of a dried-out miso, and you can actually scoop it out of the container. The flavor is much darker than plain vegetable stock, and is a highly pigmented dark brown. It blends quickly into your soup bases or stews, and actually packs real depth of flavor. Not to mention, it has actual chopped up vegetables in the stock, so it is slightly more satisfying than cubes. Make no mistake, the stock is still incredibly salty, but it packs a flavorful punch.

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