Goofy Oysters at Papadeaux

Goofy Oysters at Papadeaux

I was on my way to go shopping at Phoenicia Supermarket yesterday when sleet starting hitting my windshield. The winter weather gave me a sudden craving for oysters. There's only a month or so left of peak cold-weather oyster season. I haven't eaten nearly enough oysters this season.

So I stopped into the Pappadeaux on Westheimer, which is conveniently located in front of Phoenicia. Oysters were only $4 a dozen, so I got two dozen. Bud Light draft was on sale during happy hour, but I gladly paid $6 for a can of draft Guinness instead. What a civilized happy hour, I was thinking to myself.

Then the oysters arrived. They were fat and sweet, but I was disappointed by the goofy presentation. Somebody thought it would be cute to mound a lot of shaved ice on a tray and stick the shucked oysters in standing upright. As a result, all the oyster liquor ran out and some of the oysters were coated with crunchy shaved ice.

Will somebody tell Pappadeaux that they are ruining the oyster-eating experience with this silly presentation?


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