Grab Some Kielbasa

Anytime I find myself anywhere near the Polish food store next to Polonia restaurant at 1900 Blalock, I stop in and buy six or eight kabonosy sausage. I am guessing the long skinny Eastern European pork sausages were the inspiration for Slim Jims--both varieties of dried sausage are eaten as a snack without any preparation. I like the ones at the Polish food store because they are moist and juicy. I eat half of them in the car and the rest at home with bread, beer, and pickles.

The Polish food store flies in around 600 pounds of sausage a week from a Polish meat market in Chicago. But during the Easter season, the amount triples. Polish Easter foods go on sale at this time of year including Polish Easter Kielbasa, a mild-flavored sausage that's available fresh or smoked. The store also sells some grilling kielbassas and some awesome veal sausages that taste great cooked al carbon. Grab some crusty bread and rose hip jam-filled donuts if they have any.

If you're having trouble finding the Polish food store, look for the sign that reads: "Kielbasa, Golabki, Pierogi."

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-Robb Walsh

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