Grass-fed Beef: Healthier Hamburgers

Grass-fed sirloin hamburger steak is downright delicious. No doubt grass-fed beef raised without antibiotics and hormones is better for you too. Grass-fed sirloins lack the marbling that makes for tender steaks. But grind it up, and you get all the bold herbaceous flavor without the tenderness and texture problems. My hamburger steak was a little dry -- after all, the meat is something like 95 percent lean. But if you ground up this grass-fed beef at home, and added a little bacon, you'd have one helluva burger.

Georgia's Grass-Fed Beef is produced by Georgia Bost in Waller County. A renaissance woman, Georgia Bost is an ethnobotanist and wetlands biologist, with multiple degrees from Rice. She is responsible for hybridizing hibiscus varieties from the swamps of East Texas and adapting them to landscape applications. After learning about the medicinal properties of the plant, she began making teas, culinary vinegars, and other products using hibiscus and selling them in local Houston venues. When she started an organic farm to grow hibiscus, she got into grass-fed beef as a sideline.

With the help of USDA and USDOE competitive grants, Georgia Bost has built a natural grassfed beef ranch and organic farm called Hibiscus Hill Plantation. Located on 260 acres in Waller County, the organic and sustainable farm and ranch operation also functions as a demonstration and educational facility for aspiring grass-fed-beef ranchers and hibiscus farmers.

I found Georgia's Grass-fed Beef Products at Sandy's Market on I-10 near Dairy-Ashford. The ground meat is $7 a pound.

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