Great Gulf Dinner: What Oil Spill?

You may or may not have heard about this little thing that happened recently in the Gulf of Mexico. Some assholes were drilling for oil without following safety precautions and -- oops! -- nearly wrecked an enormous portion of the ocean for generations to come. Dicks.

The good news is that the Gulf Oil Spill is finally beginning to be put behind us, but that doesn't mean the repercussions from the disaster aren't still immense and wide-ranging. Our neighbors to the east in Louisiana have suffered the most in the aftermath of the spill, as so much of their coastal economy is based on oysters, shrimping and other seafood. More disappointing is the fact that some people are still frightened of eating anything -- from shrimp to oysters -- that has come from the Gulf.

We call bullshit on that. And that's why on October 16, we're presenting the Great Gulf Dinner at The Usual (5519 Allen) from 2 to 6 p.m. For $15 a plate, you'll get a bounty of boiled shrimp and fried fish -- both from the Gulf of Mexico, courtesy of our good friends at Gaido's in Galveston -- as well as all the fixings. You'll even get a ticket good for one drink poured by the capable gals behind The Usual's bar as well as live music from Paige Lewis throughout the afternoon.

Proceeds from the tickets benefit Boat People SOS Houston, a group devoted to assisting Vietnamese and Vietnamese-Americans. Vietnamese shrimpers have been particularly devastated by the Gulf Oil Spill, and BPSOS has been instrumental in organizing food drives and providing direct financial assistance to the shrimpers and their families in this time of need.

Money will also be raised through a raffle featuring prizes so awesome we can't even announce them yet, so bring some cash for those raffle tickets and extra drinks (you know you'll want more than one beer to wash down those shrimp). We promise it'll be the best way to spend a fall afternoon that doesn't involve watching the Aggies lose on national TV.

Tickets can be purchased online, but hurry -- like our other events, the Great Gulf Dinner will sell out fast.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.