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Greatest Grub: Chocolate Cake

Chocolate. In my book, it's a superfood. Have something to celebrate? Break out the chocolate. Have a bad day at work? Time for chocolate. Feel like you're going to explode from overstuffing yourself at dinner? Chocolate to the rescue. Here are some picks for where to find the best chocolate cake in town.

From Eating Our Words: John Kiely Benjy's We used to dine at Benjy's in the Village when it had a Japanese chef. He was one of the few people who actually mastered "fusion" food, rather than "mutt-grub," a more accurate description of the genre. Normally I avoid cake because it triggers hypoglycemia, but I never resist heavily-hyped dishes, to deride them if possible. Mom's Chocolate Cake was cocoa-intense, fudgy-gooey with a counterpoint of pecans, and like most great highs, definitely worth the crash.

Me Mockingbird Bistro Mockingbird Bistro's Flourless Chocolate Cake is divine. My husband and I were introduced to this little gem when it was brought to our table for his birthday. Despite being stuffed, we nearly licked the plate clean. Although it's not a typical chocolate cake, it will certainly meet any chocolate lover's expectation. Not for the faint of chocolate heart, it is dense, cocoa-y decadence. The raspberries that dot the plate are a tart reprieve from all of the sweet deliciousness. Yum, yum, yum.

The Word on the Street (from Uptown): Sherri & Ellie Empire Cafe Sherri says, "It's a big, giant chocolate cake." Ellie adds, "Yeah, it's big and it's good!" Who can argue with that?

Anonymous Crave Cupcakes Although this woman stated that the best chocolate cake in Houston came out of her kitchen, she did say that Crave's chocolate cupcake was darn good.

I also spoke with Noreen, who has been on the hunt for great sweets in Houston since coming here from the U.K. A friend recently brought her a chocolate cupcake topped with fresh cream that was so good it made her set aside her lunch. But all she knew about the home of this divine little cake was that it was on Memorial. Any help out there? This confection has been marching through my mind ever since Noreen described it.

Any other great places we've missed? It's always good to have a sizable arsenal of treats, since you never know when life may call for some chocolate cake.

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Carrie Applegate Jaeger