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Greatest Grub: Favorite Blue Bell Flavors

My husband, a native Houstonian, and I, a relocated Vermonter, have had many a debate over the greatest maker of ice cream. As you can imagine, there is never a winner in the Blue Bell vs. Ben & Jerry's discussion. Or maybe we're both winners because there is ALWAYS ice cream in our house.

Over the years, I've seen the way Texans revere Blue Bell. I don't really understand the obsession when you can so easily purchase the superior sweet treat from Vermont, but I appreciate the devotion to your state and all things created within. So this Great Grub, about favorite Blue Bell flavors, is for you, Texans.

Eating Our Words: Stacy Zane Pistachio Almond I only recently discovered that I like pistachio ice cream, which closely followed my discovery that I'm also a big fan of anything almond-flavored. Even lotion. Except not to eat. But back to the ice cream - Blue Bell's combo of the two makes for a nutty and sinfully sweet concoction that you'd never guess has fewer calories than their traditional Homemade Vanilla flavor. Okay, only 10 calories less, but still! Any excuse I can use to make myself feel better about shoveling spoonfuls of it into my mouth, I'll use. And just so you know, if you ever see this flavor in the store, stock up on it. It's one of their "rotational" flavor, so you never know when you'll see it again.

Me Strawberries & Homemade Vanilla As a kid, I hated strawberry ice cream. When my mom came home with the dreaded Neapolitan, I carefully navigated the scoop down the right and left sides of the gallon, hoping that none of the dreaded pink would taint the vanilla and chocolate perfection. Why did they have to snuggle that flavor in the middle? But, I've come around to love good strawberry ice cream, especially in the summer. Blue Bell's version is free of that gross artificial strawberry flavor that plagues so many other brands. It's just vanilla-y goodness with big strawberry chunks. Summer in a bowl!

The Word on the Street (from River Oaks): Dave Dutch Chocolate Dave says he's not much of a dessert guy, but will never pass up a bowl of Blue Bell's good old-fashioned Dutch Chocolate. "That chocolate ice cream is the best out there," he adds.

Sandy Century Sundae "This really is like eating a sundae, but without all the mess," claims Sandy. It is a vanilla-based ice cream with swirls of chocolate, caramel and whipped topping and chunks of maraschino cherries. Sandy says it's especially delicious with a sliced banana.

What Blue Bell flavor helps you beat the hellacious Houston heat? And get ready, for the next Greatest Grub, we'll do favorite ice cream flavors that are NOT made by Blue Bell. They may just win you over!

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