Food Fight

Greatest Grub: Pulled Pork

Although beef may be the big daddy of Texas barbecue, one cannot underestimate the power of the pulled pork. Here are some favorites from both Eating Our Words writers and kind citizens I accosted on the street. Did your favorite make the list?

From Eating Our Words:

Christina Uticone Gatlin's Barbecue The meat is juicy and delicious, and I love the barbecue sauce they serve alongside it. I like to make a sandwich of pulled pork, sauce, and pickles on the soft white bread Gatlin's includes on the side and get REALLY messy eating it!

Me Lyndon's Pit Bar-B-Q This pulled pork is so good you don't even need the sauce, although the sauce rocks too. It's tender, moist and smoky, with nice bits of the crusty bark. Now, I know this next comment will likely discredit my palate to many a reader, but I'll risk it for the sake of honesty. I love that you don't find big chunks of fat in Lyndon's pulled pork, just straight up meatiness. Great on a sandwich, or as seen above on a loaded potato.

The Word on the Street (from the Heights):

Jessica Little Bigs Says Jessica of these sliders, "The best thing about these is the size. I can eat more of them!"

Randy Luling City Market Randy loves this pulled pork because of its authenticity. He says, "This is straight up barbecue in the raw...dirty, grimy and delicious."

After talking to Jessica and Randy, we were all ready to grab a beer and dive into some yummy pig. The question is, have any of us found the perfect pulled pork?

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Carrie Applegate Jaeger