Food Fight

Greatest Grub: Salsa

If you've been in Houston for any period of time, you've likely had chips and salsa from more restaurants than you can remember. Unfortunately, many times the salsa is just that - forgettable. From Eating Our Words writers and a couple of nice strangers, here are some suggestions for salsa that will leave you wanting more.

From Eating Our Words: Lauren Marmaduke Molina's and Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen For me, it's a tie between Molina's and Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen. Both are served warm and have a rich, smoky chipotle flavor. Molina's is much spicier, and I won't dare dip a chip unless there's water on the table.

Me Café Red Onion While this is not your traditional tomato salsa, like its more traditional counterpart, it has the ability to make you want to take your dinner order home and just chow on some more chips. The sweet pineapple flavor is followed by a moderate heat that hits the back of your palate. Paired with chips, it makes for a sweet, salty, spicy combination that is a party in your mouth. I could swim in a vat of this stuff and be perfectly happy.

The Word on the Street (from Upper Kirby): Donna Lupe Tortilla Donna states that this "chunky, authentic" salsa is just the way salsa should be.

Dorothy Tila's It's the fresh cilantro in this salsa that makes it exceptional, according to Dorothy.

With all of the restaurants serving Mexican or Tex-Mex in this city, I'm sure that there are other standouts. Where's your fave in this salsa-saturated city?

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