Greek Burgers at Hubcap Grill

Greek Burgers at Hubcap Grill

We included a picture of the muffuletta burger in this week’s review of Hubcap Grill. So here’s some equal time for the Greek burger. It tastes a lot like a hamburger in the middle of a Greek salad--pretty damn good if you like feta. The giant black olive slices are awesome too. I found lots of recipes for Greek burgers on the Internet. Has anybody seen another Greek burger in a Houston burger joint or restaurant?

Evidently, lots of burger joints are making muffuletta burgers and have been for years. “How could you have missed the "Moof Burger" at District 7?” asks stevo in a comment on the hubcap grill post. “They may not make their own olive salad but it's still a damn good cross between a muffaletta and a hamburger.”

Funny, I’ve had the hamburgers at District 7 and I’ve had muffulettas there too, but I never noticed the moof burger. Put another burger on my list.

-- Robb Walsh

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