Grilled Fish Burrito at Mission Burritos

I have become quite of fan of what I call "point-at-the-glass" fast food restaurants: you know, those quick-service establishments where you construct your own sandwich/burrito/Middle Eastern plate by gesticulating at a gloved attendant behind a diaphanous screen. Such places appeal to me because I can be "creative" in my dinner construction but almost always guarantee myself a good meal by virtue of the limited choice of appropriate ingredients. (Because if peanut butter were available, I just might want to add it to an al pastor taco or tuna melt sub.)

This feature is one of the many reasons why I like Mission Burritos. The others include options for a whole-wheat tortilla, sautéed spinach with garlic, and grilled mushrooms. My meats of choice at Mission Burrito are usually the grilled chicken or pork, but in an attempt to consume some omega-threes in preparation for an upcoming exam, I ordered the grilled fish.

The choice of fish threw off my normal burrito schemata, which always includes shredded cheddar cheese. I suspected the heavy, salty chunks would overwhelm the delicate grilled white fish, so in substitution I chose sour cream and some creamy cilantro ranch sauce in addition to my regular filling selections of lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo, chives, onions, black beans, and a smidge of white rice.

The burrito was highly satisfying. The cilantro ranch sauce, a tad spicier than the sister variety at nearby Chuy's, livened up the fish without detracting from the subtle spices of its marinade. And the copious fresh vegetables made the burrito, which so often has the propensity to sit like a brick in my stomach, feel actually...light. Construction-wise, there were some problems. The heavy spinach tended to clump toward the sides and bottom of the tortilla, and the water from the vegetables combined with liquid ranch sauce and sour cream made for some runniness and consequently, some drippings onto my skirt. But the extra trip to the washing machine was worth having a reliable burrito "invention" for my next trip to Mission.

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