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Guess Those Hands: The Real Food Network Challenge

It's Memorial Day. You've eaten too much today and gotten too much sun, so you've retreated back indoors to the cold comfort of your computer screen. We understand. Believe me, we understand.

And to that end, we came up with a fun game for you to pass the time on your day off that combines all of our favorite indoor pastimes into one: clicking the computer's mouse rather absentmindedly while watching TV. You can also grab some slices of Drunk Watermelon if you want; just keep them away from the mouse.

You watch these chefs knead dough and dice vegetables all the time on the Food Network and its sister network, The Cooking Channel, but how well do you really know them? Well enough to recognize them by their hands alone?

Ten chefs -- male and female -- are on the following pages, hands first. Can you guess all ten by their hands alone?

For the first chef, we're giving you a foursome of photos to peruse. Think you know this man's hands?

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Katharine Shilcutt