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Guy Fieri Leaves His Mark

I was recently at T-Bone Tom's in Kemah eating the amazing house-made smoked sausage and those awesome armadillo eggs, when I noticed that on the wall by our table was a spray-painted stencil of Guy Fieri's signature, along with a picture of him shaking the owner's hand. It was funny, and so cheesy.

I know the tool was there for the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show, but I didn't know that he left his mark everywhere he went like a dog pissing on a tree. I actually like the show, but sometimes watching Fieri with his fake tan, bleached hair and goatee, those sunglasses on the back of his head and his Hawaiian shirt with flames on it drives me crazy.

Are we all doomed to watch this man on TV for the rest off our lives? Is he going to have his own line of chef knives with flames on them for NASCAR moms who want to cook Johnny Garlic's three-cheese chili fries with ginger and apples? Oh wait, too late...

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Jason Kerr