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H-E-B Introduces My TexasLife

As local grocery stores continue to fight over their share of your food dollars, H-E-B has started up My TexasLife, a monthly magazine to try to get more customers into its stores. The handsome publications (about 30 pages each and published by none other than Texas Monthly) offer bright food photographs, wholesome families and heads-up on such things as the rubber mulch H-E-B will start selling in the spring (it's made from recycled H-E-B truck tires).

In the May issue, what follows are health and cooking tips, recipes, a quick primer on how to plan a party, the cork vs. cap debate over how wine should be delivered, beauty tips and lots of coupons.

The June edition talks about the outstanding teacher awards H-E-B hands out every year, the power of vitamins, more recipes, more wine, cleaning tools and lots of coupons.

The monthly issues also tell you what items are on sale.   

It's a free publication (and here at the Press we're all in favor of free publications) that customers can pick up in the store. Since just ripping out a few back pages of coupons can save several dollars on a shopping trip, you might want to add it to your arsenal of survival skills while we're in recession mode.

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