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H-Town StrEATs Offering a Menu for the Truly Brave

Remember last week when we told you that "ugly" food truck H-Town StrEATs would soon be getting a new wrap and a whole new look courtesy of Dos Equis? Here's why.

The Mexican beer giant is bringing what it calls The Feast of the Brave, a "daring culinary Cinco de Mayo celebration," to six cities across the nation -- including Houston. In each city, Dos Equis has partnered with a local food truck to create a menu that its iconic spokesperson -- the Most Interesting Man in the World -- would likely eat as a power-snack before wrestling a flaming bear.

The Cinco de Mayo menu served by H-Town StrEATs will include tacos filled with grilled shark, fried alligator, crickets and scorpions. In other cities, fillings range from fried pig ears and iguana to hog stomachs and thousand-year-old eggs.

Starting this Wednesday, April 25, H-Town StrEATs will be offering grilled shark, fried alligator and cricket tacos to brave diners (although, to be fair, fried alligator isn't exactly far-fetched in Houston). There will also be a "mystery" taco for sale; for a hint on its filling, look to the 8th sign of the zodiac. Fans will be able to find a schedule of the truck's stops in Houston as well as earn "bravery points" on Dos Equis's leader board for eating the most tacos.

To keep up with the Feast of the Brave here in Houston, follow Dos Equis on Twitter at @StayThirsty or its hash tags #DosEquisFeast and #Houston. The Feast only runs through Saturday, May 5, so get your game face on and join the feast.

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Katharine Shilcutt