Habanero Floral Vinegar

Habanero Floral Vinegar

Georgia Bost is obsessed with the hibiscus. She has discovered native hibiscus flowers in East Texas and created new hybrid varietals that are used in landscaping. She has also experimented for some years with hibiscus vinegars. You can find her "Bostx" line of flavored vinegars at the Midtown Farmer's Market.

Bost is also the new owner of Georgia's Farm to Market, the store where Sandy's used to be. On the ranch in Waller where she maintains her hibiscus nursery, she also started a grass-fed beef operation some years ago. The beef business has really taken off. Is the tail wagging the dog these days?

I bought a bottle of her "Spicy Pico Topaz," a hibiscus vinegar flavored with garlic and habenero chile peppers. My wife thinks it smells like a toxic chemical, but I sprinkle it on all kinds of food. It really tasted great on that goose egg and arugula omelet I made the other day.

Unfortunately, at ten dollars a bottle, the stuff ain't flying off the shelf.

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