Haggis and Single Malt Nacht

Today is Robbie Burns Day, the birthday of the Scottish poet who was born on this date in 1759. "Burns Nacht," as it's known, is celebrated with Burns Suppers, where revelers consume haggis and Scotch whisky while wearing the family plaid and listening to the dulcet tones of bagpipers. If you don't have your Burns Supper provisions already, stop by the British Isles store at 2366 Rice and pick up some haggis.

This year, the haggis will be of the American-made variety. But next year, look for major changes. Yesterday, on Burns Nacht Eve, the USDA stunned Commonwealth ex-pats and Scottish-Americans when it announced that it intended to drop its ban on the import of Scottish haggis. The ban was enacted because of the inclusion of lamb's lungs in the classic haggis recipe. Maybe the USDA has gotten into the nose-to-tail trend, because evidently it isn't worried about lamb's lungs anymore.

What impact the importation of Scottish haggis will have on Texas haggis producers remains to be seen. I for one look forward to side-by-side tastings of Scottish and Texan haggis.

And may the best lamb's lungs win.

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