Hal Brock to Lead Boheme's Beverage Program

Local favorite Hal Brock, whose resume includes stints at Hearsay and Anvil will join Boheme to lead its beverage program, it has just been announced.

In an embargoed press release, Brock described himself as pretty happy about his new responsibilities.

"Boheme is that place you go to experience and live, and I'm taking inspiration from all the places the Bohemian folks go to experience and live. It's not about local or luxury, it's about a modern Cultural Collage," said Brock.

Here's Brock's bullet-point list of what got him to where he is today:

-Craft Specialist at Glazers 2013-2014 -Assistant GM at Anvil 2012-2013 -Bar Manager at Hearsay 2010-2012 Worked at Vermilion 2007-2009 (Indian Latin Fusion) in Chicago & New York with Maneet Chauhan, one of the judges on Chopped.

"Maneet changed the way I thought about flavor, marrying the bold and the subtle with vibrant precision.

"Alba called me to come work at Anvil, and you don't say no to Alba Huerta.

"With Glazer's, I created cocktail menus all over the city; I'm ready to create a true cocktail program that shows what I'm made of.

"I was born and raised in Virginia, just a small town boy with big city dreams.

"I'm obsessed with Rum, from earthy Agricoles to tarry blackstrap, so expect to see plenty of it.

"I'm a stickler for technique; even straining the right way and how you're shaking can make a real difference.

"I'll put anything in a cocktail, from blue cheese to Carolina BBQ sauce, and twist it in a way that you can't help but love.

"The new program will be about the tropical climate and the flavors you'll find there, beyond pineapple and coconut. Think tarragon and tamarind, coriander and orange blossom, bay leaf and banana. With a patio like ours, we're not about the bitter, brown & stirred. Expect to see light spirits at the forefront with lots of rum, pisco, gin & tequila.

"Creating any cocktail program requires some understanding of classic cocktails, but Boheme will not be known for classics. I want to introduce cocktails with the flavors of the world, even the parts that don't drink cocktails".

Brock is already at work with an official start date of September 12.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.