Happy Hour Scene: Absinthe Brasserie

Happy Hour Scene: Absinthe Brasserie

The Place: Absinthe Brasserie
609 Richmond Ave.

The Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 5-8 p.m.

The Deals: All drinks are $1 cheaper than normal. A beer, for example, is $3. Absinthe and absinthe cocktails are a little more expensive. There's also food menu -- all items are $3 -- with things like mini brochettes and a fruit and cheese plate.

The Scene: It wasn't long before the people sitting next to us at the bar at Absinthe Brasserie ordered a glass of absinthe. The bartender lit the sugar cube, dropped it in the glass, and the man and woman drank down the cloudy drinks.

Absinthe is located right off Richmond Avenue, a little past Greeley Street, but it's almost hidden, marked with two wooden doors.

Happy Hour Scene: Absinthe Brasserie

Absinthe the drink, according to the menu here, is the symbol of Bohemia, and the interior of the bar could be described as the same. It's a dimly lit place, decorated with dark woods and muted colors.

It's exactly the type of scene where we'd expect people to be drinking absinthe.

After the people next to us finished their drinks, and fire didn't shoot out of their eyes, we decided to try some, too. The bartender recommended Hemingway's Revenge, which is basically a mix of absinthe and champagne. It tasted like black licorice.

At $12, the cocktail isn't a typical happy hour drink. But, Absinthe Brassier isn't a typical happy hour spot.

Conclusion: Absinthe Brassier is a cool spot, and we can see how it could be a favorite spot for a lot of people. If Bohemia isn't your scene, we'd still recommend this place, like absinthe the drink, for the experience alone.

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