Happy Hour Scene: Cheerz Bar and Grill

The Place: Cheerz Bar and Grill
2416 Brazos Street

The Hours: Nightly drink specials.

The Deals: On Mondays, Bud Light drafts are $1, pitchers are $4, and wings are 50 cents. Domestic drafts are $1 on Tuesdays, and domestic pitchers are $7. Well drinks are $3. On Wednesdays, burgers are half price, domestic pitchers are $7 and import pitchers are $9. Thursdays feature 50 cent wings and drafts are $1 cheaper than normal.

The Scene: About midway through our second beer at Midtown's Cheerz Bar and Grill, we heard a loud pop from the kitchen, and the lights, the music, all the flatscreens, everything really, went dead.

The electricity going out -- a blown fuse, perhaps -- was quite the bummer at the height of happy hour at Cheerz.

It killed the football highlights on the TVs, which served as a perfect match to all the wings that were being eaten by the bar's patrons. Bartenders scrambled to get the electronic registers back online and couldn't close out tabs, much less keep up with all the requests for full pints of beer.

But then, after what seemed like an eternity but was probably closer to four minutes in the dark, the lights came back to life, and the stereo, offering what could be a kind-of theme song for this poppy Midtown joint, faded in with the opening notes of Train's "Drops of Jupiter."

For the crowd at Cheerz, things were back to perfect.

Cheerz Bar and Grill, across Brazos Street from Spec's, has been open for about a month in the same building that housed the old Open City.

We never made a trip to Open City, so we're not sure how much the place has changed. But Cheerz has an open first floor with a few wooden tables and a large bar. The wood-paneled walls are decorated with the typical signage and, of course, flat screens.

One of the best things about Cheerz, if not the best, is the upstairs patio. If the weather is right, and that's not often these days, it's the perfect place to drink a few beers and scope the city skyline.

We were waiting to close our tab on Thursday evening, suffering through the awfulness of Train, thinking that Cheerz is a fine place to grab some after-work drinks. The crowd is a nice mix of young business men and women and the neighborhood types. And our bartender was great.

But for a second, we saw what sometimes, or maybe often at some places, pops up at certain bars in the area. He and his mohawk and pink shirt with popped collar and fat leather strapped watch sat down at the corner of the bar. It was almost unbelievable.

He was only there for a few minutes, before stepping behind the bar, grabbing a bottle of water from a mini-fridge, and slipping on a pair of white-framed sunglasses.

He walked out the door and, like the electricity, was gone in a flash.

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