Happy Hour Scene: Griff's

The Place:


3416 Roseland St.



The Hours: Monday through Friday 3-7 p.m.

The Deals: All drinks are $1 cheaper than normal.

The Scene: The great thing about Griff's happy hour is that if you get there a few minutes or a few hours after it ends, there are still nightly drink specials to ensure some kind of cheap booze.

On Thursdays, for example, along with it being Trivia Night, you can get $3 import pints as soon as happy hour ends.

But last night, when we got there just a hair past 7 o'clock, we were given the option to get a pitcher of domestic beer for $7.

Thing is, we were alone, and at 95 percent of bars in Houston, we wouldn't even think of drinking a pitcher of beer by ourselves. Griff's falls in the other 5 percent.

In fact, if we had a death in the family or our dog died or we lost our job, Griff's might be the first place we went. So we got the pitcher of beer.

Griff's is a crumbling Irish pub at Montrose and Harold streets, and along with a couple outdoor patios, the inside is quite large. There's at least one big screen television and plenty of other small TVs around the bar.

The crowd -- about a dozen people were there last night -- was the same group you might find at any non-Midtown/Washington Ave. sports bar. There was even a game of poker going on.

But Griff's is dark and old, and the combination of the stone fireplace with trophies placed along the wall gives Griff's a kind of seedy feel. While we were waiting for our pitcher, the man, who was quietly talking to a woman, said, "I'd have to ask you too many personal questions to figure that out..."

We have no idea where that conversation went, but it seemed right at home.

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