Happy Hour Scene: Hefley's

The Place: Hefley's
138 West Gray St.

The Hours: Monday through Friday 4-7 p.m. All day Wednesday.

The Deals: Domestic beers are $2.50 and imports are a dollar more. There are also nightly drink and food specials, like 25 cent wings on Wednesday. Happy hour is all day for police, fire fighters and EMT's on Thursday.

The Scene: Two people, in the midst of an all-day happy hour, were on the brink of sexual intercourse on the Hefley's patio last night.

She: blond hair, red halter top, short shorts. Straddling him with her back pressed against the thin iron railing that separated her from the concrete below.

He: ball cap, khaki shorts and a graphic tee.

It's not like the behavior was wholly accepted, because when she began pulling down her top in front of his face, people surrounding the couple grabbed their drinks and moved to the empty smoking section.

Eventually, a friend or perhaps more courageous fellow patron said something to them and they left the bar.

That was about the height of excitement during our few hours at Hefley's, an otherwise classy (BBQ classy) new restaurant/bar in the Fourth Ward.

Hefley's open a few months back, operating in the old Luling Bar-B-Q and Bar building. The new space is decked out in worn wood and neon beer signs, apparently going for the road house look. And, of course, there are flat screens.

Like several other places in the Fourth Ward/Midtown area, about the best thing about Hefley's is the upstairs patio (when people aren't having public sex) that offers a nice view of the Houston skyline that's best at night.

The disappointing side of Hefley's was the wings. At 25 cents a pop, it's tough to complain, but these were pretty bad, tasting like they'd almost been microwaved. The bartender openly told us that the bourbon-flavored wing sauce was gross.

Overall, though, Hefley's is a great location and great change of pace for Midtown.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.