Happy Hour Scene: Khon's

The Place: Khon's
2808 Milam St.

The Hours: Seven days a week, 4-7 p.m.

The Deals: All drinks are $1 cheaper than normal. Except Lone Stars, which are always $2.

The Scene: Our trip to Khon's actually started about a week earlier, when someone at Spec's told us that it was absolutely imperative we try Khon's etouffee hot dog. But Thanksgiving and other work delayed things a bit, so last night, we set out to find that dog.

Khon's is a small place in Midtown, at Milam and Tuam, a few blocks south of "midtown" Midtown, as far as drinking establishments go. 

The bar's specialties are beer, coffee and darts, along with darkness and jazz music pumping out of the jukebox. There are a bunch of paintings and four dart boards on the walls. This definitely isn't the place to go watch the big game, and on Wednesday night, there were two other people in the bar.

The rumor we heard about the etouffee hot dog was owner Khon only makes it when he feels so inclined, and our hopes weren't high that we'd actually score one. But, the first thing we did, other than ordering an Abita, was ask the bartender: Where's the etouffee?

The bartender told us the etouffee hot dog is featured only on Monday nights, one of two nights the bar serves "adult happy meals." Monday -- Louisiana Night -- features an etouffee dog and an Abita for $3; Tuesday -- Texas Night -- features a chili cheese dog and Texas beer. 

So we'd have to wait to try the dog. But, sitting there without anything to eat in an almost empty bar gave us the opportunity to find out from the bartender what else we missed by showing up on a Wednesday.

Other than missing Monday and Tuesday adult happy meals, we missed the Thursday night parties that Khon's usually hosts. Sometimes it's a sushi and sake tasting, sometimes it's "Thought Crime," a collection of local writers performing their stuff. And even though "Movies on the Roof" is taking a hiatus, Khon's is bringing that back soon.

Sunday nights are apparently cool, too, because local saxophonist Cory Wilson performs, and, according to Khon's bartender, "It's always a fun time."

But Wednesday? Wednesday is dart night. Just as happy hour was winding down, dart aficionado Khon Lu, owner of the bar, walked in and started throwing darts.

And before we left, we learned that Khon will be whipping up a batch of etouffee at the bar on Saturday afternoon. See you there. 

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.