Happy Hour Scene: King Biscuit

The Place:

King Biscuit

1606 White Oak Dr.



The Hours: Monday through Friday, 3-7 p.m.

The Deals: Bud Light and Lone Star drafts are $2, and other select drafts are 75 cents cheaper than normal. Well drinks are $4.

The Scene: A happy hour for us, when we haven't had a chance to do any research on the place beforehand, starts with asking the bartender what's on special.

At King Biscuit, the wildly colorful neighborhood bar along White Oak, the answer was: "Whadaya want?"

"Just a beer," we said.

"Well we have all of this," the bartender told us, sweeping her arm along a lengthy draft selection.

It was pretty standard upper-tier stuff -- Saint Arnold's, Fat Tire, Magic Hat, Breckridge -- but for a happy hour selection, it was amazing. And there was even an IPA offering from Real Ale called "Lost Gold," which we haven't seen at other bars around town.

When the bartender brought us our pint of Saint Arnold's, however, she sat it down on the bar and told us we owed $5.

"This one didn't end up being on happy hour," she told us. "Sorry, he changes up the prices all the time."

This was a major strike against King Biscuit, and the worst kind of lie, a happy hour lie. But, that was about the only negative we could find with the place.

Because it operates out of an old house, there's an inclination to call King Biscuit a dive or hole-in-the-wall, but there's also paintings and other artwork in the bar that's all for sale, so we'll just label it as "eclectic." The crowd, at least when we were there, was 30- and 40-something white people.

The bar area was fairly small, but the entire restaurant is larger inside than it seems, with dining areas and booths tucked around every corner. King Biscuit, across the street from White Oak park, also has a little outdoor area that, if it's not crowded, offers a quiet spot for drinks.

Unfortunately, we decided to keep our happy hour bill low, ordered a $2 pint of Bud Light, drank it and left.

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